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“The Tout Ensemble: Edmond deCelle and the Studio deCelle”

“The Tout Ensemble: Edmond deCelle and the Studio deCelle” is the third in a series of thematic quarterly exhibits at the Carnival Museum. This ongoing element of the Museum’s interpretative programming celebrates the traditions, personages, and artistry of Mobile’s greatest living tradition of Mardi Gras.

“The Tout Ensemble” highlights the life and work of Mobile Renaissance man Edmond deCelle. Though born outside of Mobile, deCelle was for over five decades the leading designer of Carnival, as well a major figure in the Port City’s artistic community. Working in all mediums (painting, float building, etching, couture, etc…) and styles (realism, Impressionism, abstraction, etc…), he redefined the appearance and experience of the visual and performing arts in Mobile.

From designing fifty years of float designs for the Order of Myths to the design of thousands of costumes, this prominent figure of the Mobile Renaissance of the 1920s-1960s gave equal attention to both the fine and the applied arts. With his wife Kathryn deCelle, Edmond deCelle established the Studio deCelle. That atelier established the standard for the uniquely Mobile and Mobile Mardi Gras artwork of the train. Trains constitute the core of the Mobile Carnival Museum’s renowned collections. On display in this exhibit you find over seventy artworks that demonstrate the diverse oeuvre and considerable quality of Edmond deCelle’s work and Carnival’s prominent place within his career.