6. OOM's

This display depicts the emblem float of the Order of Myths, or “OOMs” as they are known. OOMs are the oldest parading organization in Mobile, having been organized in 1867. Since this was the era following the War Between the States, the emblem float was adopted to challenge this time in history. The broken column symbolizes the broken hopes of the Confederacy.

During parades, Folly in the red and yellow jester costume chases Death in skeleton costume around the broken column of life to depict triumph and courage in spirit of the gloom and doom, which was the spirit of the South during that period.

The balloons that Folly carries are actually pig bladders that have been inflated, dried, painted and attached to wooden dowels. The production of bladder balloons was a featured in a story of America’s Dirtiest Jobs in 2012.