57. Main Staircase - Mobile Makers - Ron Barrett - Cart

Mobile Makers: Present Day Artists and Artisans of Carnival is the Carnival Museum’s signature exhibit for the 2019-2020 Carnival Season. While the majority of the exhibit occupies the main gallery on the Museum’s first-story, portions of the exhibit are found in other areas in the Museum. Text panels indicate a featured work of one of the artists and artisans featured as part of the exhibit. In addition to historic tableaux designs, photo portraits of monarchs, and other displays, you see a special standalone section of Mobile Makers focusing on Mobile designer Ron Barrett on upper reaches of this the main staircase. A train designer, event planner, painter, florist, and so much more, Barrett is a Renaissance type of individual. On the walls of the staircase you will find a selection of his tableaux designs, train designs, and other works relating to his forty-six-year career.