56. Moorer Gallery - Right

Five more royal robes dignify, the rightmost portion of the Hall of Trains. In the far most corner, the one to your left, is the ensemble of Angus Cooper, III. King Angus’ ensemble, which features two sets of costumes, has a hunting theme. Even his dog appears in his train! Parker Shearer’s royal robes are found next to King Angus’. King Parker’s train involves three themes – style, Louis XIV, see the sun referencing the Sun King; family, the number of members of his family whom have reigned as either king or queen of Carnival – note the then points to the sun; and his own personality, a decathlete. Ten was the lucky number! Katherine Hope’s train includes a plethora of motifs borrowed from ceilings from Florence’s famed Uffizi Gallery. Garlands and swags of fruit depict an “H” for Hope so to keep matters local! Guy Helmsing’s royal robes showcase the theme of humor, amongst much else. He had, in addition to his crown, a Viking helmet. Take a gander at the helmet nestled on his train. There are a couple of other Nordic devices stitched in the train. Look closely! The dark, opulent ensemble facing you to the far right is a tour de force. Made for Max Bruckmann, these royal robes are truly phenomenal. Fine Italian fabric of highest of qualities is the ground or base for motifs borrowed from a family seat in England and the root of the family name – bridge man or Brucke Mann. Place and family are the motivators of Carnival in Mobile.