53. Music Gallery

A parade is not a parade; nor is a ball a ball without music. Mobile is fortunate to have two home-grown bands to have provided entertainment for Mardi Gras crowds for decades. Big Bands of Bill Lagman and Bob Schultz have at balls, while the Excelsior Band have been marching in parades for over 125 years. They are a fixture in Mobile today, not only in Mardi Gras parades, but performing at funerals, conventions, weddings and other social events.

Again, the museum features custom wallpaper. Notice the band in the middle, the Catholic Boys Home. They introduced the strut to Mobile in the early 60s. These young musicians were very talented, mostly playing by ear. The life size poster is Winfred Pendarvis, head majorette of the Alba High School Band in 1955. Note the “briefness” of her uniform for this time period.