50. Gold Gallery - Silver and Wallpaper

One of the first things you notice immediately in this gallery is the customized wallpaper, which features copies of ball invitations and admit cards for balls. Note that I did not say tickets, as one never receives a ticket to a ball, but rather an invitation with an addressed card to serve as admittance to the ball.

Take note of the fine silver displayed in the cabinets, as well as the framed doubloons. Many monarchs use family heirloom silver when entertaining subjects, and often give silver as gifts. Doubloons are coins minted exclusively for monarchs or a mystic society. Most feature the name of the society or personal information about a monarch on one side of the coin, and the other side displays the theme of that year. Doubloons debuted in Mobile in 1963 and have become collector’s items. They’re minted in aluminum, bronze, nickel plate, pure silver and gold.