49. Mystic Society Gallery - KOR

Bubbly, Bladders, and a Jester…: Raising a Glass to the Knights of Revelry (KORs)

This gallery currently showcases Bubbly, Bladders, and a Jester…, a special exhibit on the Knights of Revelry or KORs. The display cabinet which you face has at its center the KOR constitution, one of the oldest documents in Carnival history. Invitations, pins, and favors are also found within the case. As with many of the artworks and artifacts in this gallery, these pieces feature the KOR emblem device – a jester named Folly dancing atop a champagne glass flanked by crying moons. Folly’s costume is to your right. A video in this gallery has on loop a “Dirty Jobs segment on the dancing folly in carrying in his hand – silver cow bladders! The device that blows up the bladders is mounted to the wall between the two points of entry to this gallery.