47. Juvenile Monarch Gallery - "Sister" McClure Ensemble

Juvenile Monarch Gallery – “Sister” McClure Train

In addition to the ensembles of three juvenile monarchs of recent decades, this gallery has on display by gracious loan a highly significant train and gown belonging to the Juvenile Queen of 1927 – Louise Vass McClelland (Mrs. “Sister” McClure). Juvenile monarchs were seven years of age at the time, considerably younger than the thirteen-year-olds of today. The young juvenile monarch is now the oldest living member of Carnival royalty in Mobile. The gown is likable to a miniature flapper dress. The train is particularly special. Not only is the design characteristic of its period, but was also the central motif, a flower basket, served as the inspiration for the principle device of the train of a later Queen Louise, Queen Sister’s eldest granddaughter’s train on display to the other side of the fireplace. Family and tradition are after all vital parts of Mardi Gras in Mobile