44. Mostellar

King Felix of 1992, David Mostellar, enjoyed a reign in French Military Tradition with Napoleonic Empire themes used in his uniform, coronation robes, and at the King’s Supper. The campaign striped train is set with laurel wreaths to symbolize victory. Two thousand glass beads comprise a central “M” monogram framed with bound arrows. Prolific old bees express unending energy and power. The double facing eagles clinch furled flags of defeated nations, and hold ribbons in French script to proclaim “Head of our Army—Long Live the King.”

The king’s boots were designed by the boot maker for the New York Joffrey Ballet. The sword, as carried by David as King Felix, is the same sword used by his father in drills, at University Military School, founded in Mobile in 1893. The charger used at the King’s Supper, shown on the table, carries the Napoleonic laurel wreath surrounding his portrait.