42. Umbrella-MAMGA Monarchs

Umbrella - MAMGA Monarchs - Cart

Queen Morgan Billingsley - MAMGA - 2015

The centerpiece of Queen Queen Morgan’s Morgan’s train is a white peacock.

According to biblical tradition, peacocks guard the gates to Heaven.

Queen Morgan’s parents died tragically in vehicular accident when she was only eleven years of age.

She dedicated her reign to her parent’s memory.

Morgan’s train was designed by Julia Greer Fobes and made by Pat Richardson.

Queen Morgan is attuned to the performing arts. As a student of McGill-Toolen Catholic High School, she was a member of the Chamber Singers Event Choir. Morgan was a winner of “McGill-Toolen’s Idol” even for performing skills.

Her love of Mardi Gras instilled by her parents. She was young when her parents died tragically. For Morgan, memory of her parents is bound with Carnival.

After obtaining her BA, she planned on studying for and receiving a BA in social work. An opportunity presented itself in the airline industry, a career path her late mother pursued and worked in prior to her marriage, and Morgan pursued it. At that the time which she was crowned, Morgan was based in Los Angeles. Her ultimate goal was then a singing career.

Morgan’s father, Vaughn Billingsley, as a knight to Winston Parks, MAMGA King Elexis I 1982. Her younger cousin, Alexis Carter reigned as Queen in 2013. Morgan’s younger sister Hayley is served as a lady-in-waiting of her own court. 

The back of the train has an areoplane referencing her profession.

The music note refers to her dreamed and worked for career path as a singer.

The “A” references her Alma Mater – the University of Alabama. Roll Tide!!

The Angel features the birthstones of her late parents.

The cross is rendered with representations of the birthstones of her sister and grandmother

Patrick Clark Yelding – MAMGA - King Elexis I - 2015.

Prior to being monarch of MAMGA, King Patrick served as a knight in 2011. He realized then a fondness of “sea of umbrellas” which form a highpoint of MAMGA’s annual Grand Marshall’s Ball depicted on the screen before you.

King Patrick’s train has two sets of initials, those of his – grandparents. His grandfather served as the first African American mayor of Daphne and his grandmother a long-time elementary school teacher. 

King Patrick is about uniting both the east and west sides of the larger Mobile metropolitan area

As a ninth grader taking part in a creative writing class at Daphne High School, Yelding predicted would be a “Mardi Gras king.”

A good-natured fella said in an interview “have to be royal and regal, but I also want to be a jovial and fun person… al about family and a good time.”

King Patrick professed that monarchs represent city and state.

Though he lived in Nashville while King back in 2015, King Patrick took great value in that which remained unchanged from Carnival seasons past. For him “no matter what on that last day, I know that my family is going to be at the same spot…They grill all day, it’s tradition.”