36. Mystic Gallery

Entering the gallery are more emblem costumes. Case 1 honors the Mystics of Time and the Mystic Striper Society. Shown are Father Time, the emblem of the MOTs, and a jester in a striped costume of the Stripers.

The Striper Society is the only society to have a court jester entertain its king and queen. Lore has it that at the first parade, the group ran out of money before they secured their costumes. A member, who had a laundry contract with the Atmore Prison, donated prison costumes for the group to wear in their inaugural parade almost 75 years ago. Today, one masker on each float still wears stripes.

On the dias, the Order of Inca’s emblem wears a full Indian headpiece. Case 2 and 3 feature leading lady and men’s costumes of the Maids of Mirth, the Strikers, and The Order of Dragons. The attire in the center case is the ensemble of the First-Lady-in-Waiting to the queen. This train was originally a Japanese wedding kimono and it took almost a year to create the design of the entire ensemble.