33. Comic Cowboys

Welcome to the land of the Comic Cowboys, whose motto is “humor without malice.” The Comic Cowboys, founded by Dave Levy in 1884, views Mardi Gras from a different perspective. Their floats are a series of signs which lampoon everyone and everything. No one is immune from their wrath, with tongue in cheek they poke fun at politicians, local and national persons, local and national issues and any subject that might bring a chuckle – or even a guffaw – from the crowd.

As with all mystic societies-- all have a queen, the Comic Cowboys are no exception. Their queen is Queen Eva, a strapping young male dressed in drag, well-endowed and sporting makeup and false eyelashes. Simply quite a sight to behold, Queen Eva has cross-dressed since long before it was socially acceptable to discuss such matters. She reigns from her throne, a toilet, and carries her scepter, a plunger or “plumber’s friend.” It’s always appropriate to say “LONG LIVE THE QUEEN” as Queen Eva passes by on the parade route.