30. Strikers' Goat and Table

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Strikers’ Goat and Table

The Strikers Club or Strikers Independent Society is the oldest mystic in the United States. Established in 1842, the Strikers set a standard for gentlemanly behavior, civic engagement, and artistic patronage which all ensuing Mardi Gras organizations have emulated. The Strikers’ emblem device, recall that all mystic societies have emblems, is the goat.

This display includes two of Carnival’s and the Striker’s most important artworks – the Strikers’ Goat the Table. Before you stands the Strikers’ goat, created in 1870, this statue is one of the largest pieces of animal folk art in America. A virtual Mona Lisa of Mobile, the Goat statue is the most valuable work exhibited in the Museum.

The Striker’s table to your left is both an aesthetic contrast and complement to the goat statue. Commissioned by a member of the Strikers from a Scottish carpenter in 1849, it was sold at auction for the benefit of local orphans. Bettering the community at large has long been a mainstay of Carnival. This highpoint and highly unique example of mid-19th Century decorative arts, the table, with the Strikers’ Goat, is on gracious loan from the Strikers. Both works are one of a kind pieces.