22. MCA Monarchs

MCA Coronation Gallery for 2019

King Felix, III - Alexander Travis Howard, IV

Queen Ellen Boyd Douglas

The Mobile Carnival Association’s 2019 coronation more than lived up to the glorious tradition which it represented for Mardi Gras in Mobile and Mobile. You see displayed in Coronation gallery the royal robes – the train, costumes, and regalia ensembles – of the MCA’s monarchs for this calendar year.

To your left, you see the regal attire of King Felix III – Alexander Travis Howard, III. Known to family and friends as “Sandy”, this year’s King Felix’s sartorial orchestration involves themes of recreation, nature, and family. Mink, beaver, and racoon furs edging and terminating the train speak to the King’s interest in hunting. In addition to standard motifs of a monogram and crown, the field or center of Sandy’s train features bears along with a column & an eagle. The former references the King’s and his mother’s commitment to black conservation, as do faux bear pelts, while the latter harks to the family’s affiliation with the Society of Cincinnati, one of the most prestigious of American heritage organizations. Natural and animalistic devices inform King Sandy’s crown, scepter, and costume.

To your right you see the royal robes of Queen Ellen Boyd Douglas. Whereas, her Carnival consort’s royal robes spoke to local traditions and family associations, Queen’s “Ebie” are more Continental and classical in nature.  Multiple traditional design motifs, including rinceaux, rosettes, C-scrolls, and S-scrolls inform both the border and field the Queen’s scalloped tear-drop train. Venetian statuary vestments and wall hangings constitute or serve as the inspiration for most of the elements included on the train. Queen Ebie’s gown and mantle, the high collar about her neck, complement her train. Her tiara, a true tour de force of classical scrolls and waves, incorporates a cross, a testament to the Queen’s strong faith, a centerpiece.