15. MAMGA - Queen Edra Finley

Katherine Ashley Smith

MAMGA Queen 2017

Katherine Ann Smith reigned as Queen of MAMGA in 2017. The symbolism of Queen Katherine’s train largely relates to her profession – medicine. She is licensed physical therapist. The caduceus of Hermes or staff of Asclepius, which combined serve as the symbol of the American medical profession in the United States, figures prominently in Queen Katherines’ train, as do two hands clasped as in prayer. The two healing or helping hands extend the Quene’s belief of the importance of assisting others.  

Katherine Ashley Smith has a venerable MAMGA pedigree. Her father, the ate Ronald Samuel Smith, was first knight to Ronald Sneed, King Elexis I 1979.  Her mother’s sister Margaret Knowles Faison was first lady in waiting to Queen Brenda Faye Williams. Two first cousins, James Floyd and Kimberly Floyd, reigned as monarchs in 1993 and 1999. Other relations have served as knights and ladies in the MAMGA court. Queen Katherine herself was a goblet bearer in 1994. In 1997, she was a lady in waiting. She is quoted as stating “even seeing first-hand… There is no way I can actually explain the experience of actually being Queen of MAMGA’s court in 2017.”

The 2004 graduate of McGill-Toolen Catholic High School attended and graduated in a BS in therapeutic recreation from Southern Mississippi University, where she served in the Student Government Association (SGA).  Queen Katherine later obtained an associate degree in applied science for bishop state. She is a licensed physical therapist.

Katherine allowed in an interview that “on my train I picked some very special things that are important to me… I want to emphasize the importance of helping hands and being able to lend a hand… I work with my hands everyday…The power of hands to do good in the community brings good.”

Her train was designed and created by Pat Richardson. Further embellishments were executed by Homer McClure.  McClure also designed and executed the collar or mantle. The crown and scepter are the creations of Dynasty Collections.