10. Case 1

On the top shelf there are photos of early Mardi Gras from 1906 and 1907. The lower shelf features favors of numerous organizations. A favor is a gift given to the escorts who are called out with one’s date at a ball. Favors are usually gender specific. As a gentleman’s organization has favors appropriate for the lady; a lady’s organization presents favors appropriate for gentleman. Pick out some interesting favors from the past. In the corner is the Order of Myth’s 1956 favor, a silver silent butler. Back in the days when smoking was a popular and accepted wicked habit, the silent butler was used to empty ashtrays at a party or such functions. It was also used as a device into which one might crumb the table, meaning getting crumbs off the table by using a crumber to scrap them into the silent butler.

Another example is the Order of Myth’s 1925 favor, a sterling silver mechanical pencil on a black gross-grain ribbon. Note the enamel slide depicting Folly and Death. This is a most interesting piece -- a true relic of old traditions. In those days, the ladies had a dance card on which they would write the names of the young men who had requested a dance with them. This meant there was little embarrassment to the gentlemen asking ladies for a dance.

There’s also a heart-shaped, metal souvenir pin from 1898. Note that the pin is inscribed “Rex Felix II,” indicating this predates MCA moniker for its king, King Felix III.